4 Leading Causes of Today’s Car Accidents

There seem to be more vehicles on the road than ever before. Even though there is a trend towards going green, electric or hybrid vehicles are pretty much the same as so-called gas guzzlers. They all can be susceptible to accidents on the road.

You might be the most defensive driver that you know. You practice safe driving techniques and always wear your seat belt. Your car does not leave unless your passengers are also buckled up. You take safe driving seriously.

This is commendable, but you know that there are risks for everyone when getting on the road. Unfortunately, there are other drivers out there that are not as conscientious. Or, perhaps most of the time they are good drivers but they are under a great deal of stress or their skills are temporarily compromised.

There are many causes of accidents on the road. Here are the four leading causes. Understanding them is just one more way you can prepare yourself on the road every time you drive.

Distracted Drivers

This is the number one cause of accidents. Distractions can arise when someone uses a cell phone to make a call or tap out a text. Other distractions include putting on makeup, reading or even eating. All it takes is that one momentary glance away from the road to cause a serious accident. Always do your best to keep your eyes out and your vehicle away from anyone that you see driving in a distracted manner.

Drunk Drivers

This is one of the most understood leading causes of car accidents. Unfortunately, while the numbers of accidents caused by drunk drivers have steadily declined, they have yet to be completely eliminated. Drunk driving is another form of distracted driving in that the individual is too impaired to be able to focus on the road and other cars ahead.

If you drink, don’t drive. Call for a ride from a sober individual or ride-share service. If you see anyone on the road suspected of driving while under the influence, call 911.

Teenage Drivers

These kids are just learning to handle being behind the wheel. They should get a little leeway because they are just learning. They often cause many accidents only because they do not have the practice or skills necessary to avoid them.

Unexpected Lane Changes

Is this you? Do you find an easy way to slide into the lane next to you when you clearly notice that no other cars are behind you? Try and stop this practice immediately.

Depending on road conditions or weather conditions, a car that was not there one minute suddenly appears and you can find yourself causing a major accident. Always signal when going to make a lane change, and always look twice before you actually get into the next lane.

By signaling even when no other car is around you keep yourself in the habit of signaling. This is a safe habit of holding onto for a lifetime of safe driving.

May 13, 2017